To peel, or not to peel?


Do we peel the skin of fruits and vegetables due to habit, tradition, culture or due to other preferences?  The skin might not always be as brightly coloured as the inside and it might taste a bit more earthy but with the correct preparation style you can have a positive yummy experience.  Certain fruit or vegetable peels may be hard to consume or simply inedible.  The chefs at Ready Meals Club believe in using food that benefits you.

Skins, tops & stems mostly carry more nutrients than the fruit or vegetable themselves.  Oh yes, they are also loaded with fibre, minerals and vitamins and the skins contain antioxidants and other health promoting properties too.  It seems like most research shows that there can be as much goodness in the skin as there is in the rest. So, by peeling it, you could halve your nutritional intake. We encourage you to rethink peeling food, you can save up to a quarter of it and save on the effort!

Remember to wash your fruit and veggies properly before using them with the skin on.  Most vegetable skin is lovely when cooked and due to the high fibre content, it can help with gut health and make you feel fuller for longer. Antioxidants help reduce the risk of several diseases too.

If you feel you have to peel but still want to use your peelings, you can add them to:

  • your juicer mix for a morning smoothie;
  • bases of sauces, soups and stir fries;
  • cookie, cake and muffin recipes.

Remember if you cannot use it in time, just freeze it!

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